No patient should go without healthcare because of high cost of disease diagnosis. Our tests cost a fraction of the existing technologies.


Our products have been engineered for resource-poor settings and need minimal human intervention for effective diagnosis.


Our patented technologies enable same-day diagnosis of infectious diseases, and offer better sensitivity than conventional tests.


Convert any microscope to total internal reflection fluorescence microscope with our miniaturized adapter.

Universal Adapter-based Design

SeeTB can fit on top of virtually all upright brightfield microscope. Simple and hassle-free installation ensures sensitive diagnosis and better imaging from the get go.

Patented Illumination Technology

Our novel technology enables high SNR-imaging and gives you a more sensitive diagnosis at just a fraction of cost. SeeTB and our proprietary sample processing reagent give significantly better sensitivity of TB diagnosis.


Immunomagnetic Cell Capture (iMC2): Platform technology for infectious disease diagnosis (Tuberculosis, Typhoid, Gastroenterities & more)


Last Mile Connectivity

Using the device and its novel sample collection cartridge, it is possible to reach every primary healthcare center in India. The cartridge can be used to collect sample from patient's doorstep.



Device needs minimal human intervention and IoT integration enables reporting of results straight to medical practitioners.


Affordable, Same-day Diagnosis

Our patented magnetic enrichment technology enables diagnosis of diseases such as typhoid and tuberculosis within hours.

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We are proud to be supported by leading medtech organizations and research institutions.


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