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iMC2 Device:
VPH has developed the iMC2(immuno-magnetic cell capture) device for rapid and early stage diagnosis of typhoid, within 6 hours, as compared to the gold standard blood culture test which takes up to 48-72 hours. The iMC2 device can be deployed at the resource poor settings (PHCs and subcenters), in contrast to the culture test which is available only in tertiary healthcare centers.
This test is highly affordable as compared to the existing diagnostic solutions for typhoid. The iMC2 is a platform technology that is used for detecting other infections such as tuberculosis, and gastro-enteritis.


VPH has also developed a novel evanescent wave-based illumination platform technology called cTIRF. Using cTIRF, you can convert any bright-field microscope to total internal reflection fluorescence microscope.  It has applications in life science research, and infectious disease diagnosis. 
Diagnostic services for tuberculosis (TB) in India are provided through a network of more than 14,000 microscopy centers, where bright-field microscopes are used. cTIRF, with these conventional binocular microscopes , can be used for highly sensitive fluorescence detection of TB. It can be used with any bright-field microscope to convert it to a fluorescence microscope for fluorescence sputum smear microscopy.